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Octopart is a relatively new site developed by three bright college students that has proved extremely useful:
Datasheets, vendors, even stock and availability show up on this free site. Well worth the bookmark overhead.

National Semiconductor is here:
Besides having complete documentation for their products, they also have a great many Application Notes and other technical resources.

NTE Inc. is here:

While their datasheets are abbreviated and their cross-reference works only one way (competitor part to NTE part) - it's still useful. Some discontinued semiconductor items may be only available via NTE - if that is the case, I hope you have a deep wallet.
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Googling for the standard part number usually yields good results. But, as SgtWookie noted, there are manufacturers that don't provide enough information in their datasheets.


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Hello to the Group,

I'm looking for the datasheets for these two transistors and if any one could recommend substitutes.

A paid-for service I've used in the past: Partminer. Not sure how much it costs, b/c I went through the company's plan, but a nice feature I discovered is that if the part number doesn't exist in their database, you can add it and they will go research the datasheet for you.

Now we've switched to 4DOnline, which is a subset of IHS. It's a Java-based website, and I don't like it as much. But it does okay.


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A helpfull resource of datasheets of all kinds (IC's Transistors Optoelectrinics etc.) is:
You have to register freely, and have access to a lot off datasheets off all manufacturers.