Data Transfer (image of LCD display) between DSO and PC over RS-232?

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I have a GDS-810S Digital Storage Oscilloscope. I want to save the display image by data transfer between the scope and Desktop PC over RS-232 interface. How can I do that? I do have the serial cable which can connect the scope to the PC serial port (RS-232).

The scope manual says "This oscilloscope can transfer data between the scope and other instrument over the RS-232" and it has the "Printer Menu" available with printer "Type HP". It also says "Press the HARDCOPY push button to start printing from any time after printer is properly configured". However, it also states "The built-in RS-232 serial interface allows for remote controlled operation by a PC".

The manual is located at

I am not sure if I can save the display data vis RS-232 and if so how. Please help with this issue.


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You need a few manuals to understand the correct sequence of commands to transmit waveform data. You might be able to command a direct transfer of the display image via SCPI commands. Programming Manual.pdf
The RS232 connection testing If you want to test whether the RS-232 connection is working or not, you can send a command from computer. For instance, using a terminal program send the query command *idn? should return the Manufacturer, model number, serial number and firmware version in the following format: GW,GDS-820,P920130,V.1.07 If you do not receive a proper response from the oscilloscope, please check if the power is on, the RS-232 configurations are the same on both sides, and all cable connections are active
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You usually need to install some software like NI LABView which is the drivers and some other software from the manufacturer.


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As posted on another forum, Section 7, page 68 of manual states:
"Note: RS-232 Interface is only available for GDS-820S, GDS-820C, GDS-840S,
and GDS-840C."
The 810S is not on that list

Now, manuals have been wrong before. Have you checked that your 810S does indeed have a working RS232 port? Does the vendor supply any software to communicate with the 810S so you can test if it works?

They have a "FreeCapture" software package that is supposed to work with their scopes. Download it and try it.
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Took me 5 minutes to find this
Download tab/ PC Software,
Why don't people think to go to the manufacturer's website?
Thanks... downloaded the "FreeCapture" but now need a Desktop PC with RS-232 port. Unfortunately, RS-232 has been obsolete for new laptops and PCs. What if I use an RS-232 to USB converter cable or use Arduino as a converter?

The 810S has indeed RS-232 port but not sure if that works.