Data analysis to improve my PCB

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Hello, sorry for my english. How can I use data analysis and statistical methods to improve my PCB circuit testing and inspection processes, and what tools or software programs are available for this purpose?


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Your English is fine, Anna, better than my German :)

Its a hard question to answer because its very dependent on your actual PCB test and inspection regime and volumes, etc. (If this is a homework question, you need to post it in Homework Help forum).

In a nutshell you would have identified and catagorised likely failure modes through the design, build and assembly process, and then capture data about PCB test & inspection failures and categorise them - some tests will be from sample testing eg temperature or vibration, stuff you do on say 1 in 20 boards, and some on functional testing eg go/no go on every board. Analysis will then identify if your actual failures correlate with the most likely expected failures. You also capture root cause data from field failures and returned parts. Data analysis can then be used to determine failure rates overall and correlation between those faults identified at test/inspect and those identified as root cause to see where in-house testing can better address field failures and which in-house tests have little value. Its hard to be more precise without more detail of your setup. I'm not aware of specific software for this; its been a while since I was directly involved, but most automated testing systems support capturing and analysing of this sort of data.

This might be of interest