creating a non polar capacitor from 2 polarized capacitors?

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Was reading this here. Is this true?
I was looking to put a 5uf in series with a tweeter, and I do have 10 uf polarized capacitors I can use.
They are 50v, they wont go boom? electrolytic capacitors
Non-polar electrolytic capacitors include two polarized capacitors of the same value placed in series with the positive terminals or negative terminals connected together. The resulting single capacitor is a non-polar capacitor equal to half the capacitance of the original capacitors [see Figure 4: Non-Polar Electrolytic Equivalent Design]. The two capacitors rectify the applied voltage and act as if they are partially bypassed by a diode.


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Always wondered about this. If the series connected capacitor that would be reversed biased acts similar to a diode, then why is the capacitance C/2? I can see it being a bit less than C, but not as low a C/2.