Creating a Gerber out of a .ppt file

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Hi all,

Someone recently asked me to make a replica of a PCB we have around. Unfortunately instead of a set of gerber files they gave me an image of what looks like a set of gerber files but is actually a single image saved as a powerpoint file. Seems strange to me!

I'm just wondering what the recommended course of action is in this instance. I know absolutely nothing about designing PCBs or generating gerber files, and see this as an opportunity to learn, but is there an obvious shortcut?


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The problem is that you have no idea what the proper scale is. Gerber files contain precise information for making photographic masks. The originals are normally created at a scale of 4:1, that is four rimes the size of the finished board. These are then reduced photographically to 1:1 so those masks can be used in the actual PCB fabrication process. Any dimensional errors on the 1:1 masks will be replicated on the printed circuit board. Even with 50 years of experience, I would not willingly undertake such a process since the chances of success would appear to be exceedingly dim.


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single image saved as a powerpoint file
Is this a single sided board? Single image = one side.
This file came from somewhere and was something different before power point. I wander what it was.
Can you post a picture? Are there mounting holes that have to be stop on?