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Hello everyone,
I have a LCD screen that is currently a photoframe, so the interface (controlled by remote) has been created for this use.
Id like to use that screen to demo an interface, that will be developed later for tablets.
The easiest way would be to make a video and play it on the photoframe, but it's a bit annoying to edit the video on a pc then copy to a sd card. I'd like to be able to control the interface directly from my pc (windows10).
The photo frame has for example a sensor, so it can turn on when someone wave the hand in front of it. It would be great to be able to program this sensor for an action.
Could you please orientate me on how to do that, and even if it's possible? Attached are some photos of the specs of the photo frame.

Thanks in advance!


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It would be great if that was open source.
The small USB port would connect to a PC.
Is there any company contact info in the manual?
If it is open source, there may already be a fan club online.
If not open source, it should be. Tell the company. They would sell a lot more of them.


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You can ask for details from the manufacturer but I doubt whether they would give you anything more than an operating manual. If you were the manufacturer, after spending time and resources to develope it, would you give away all the information needed to build a competitive product?


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As I see it you have three choices;
1) Hack the SD card interface
2) Interface with the USB
3) or as others have suggested, find the open source.


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What you need is an interface to emulate an SD card from the USB output of your computer. Since the SD card interface is well documented and so is the USB interface, that would be the solution. But consider that the photoframe response speed may not be suitable for your demonstrations.

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thank you so much for the replies!
the sd card seems the easiest way, but then what software(s) to program the interface ? for example how to control the sensor?

an easier solution would be to control the screen as a second screen. Display the next image when i want, from the laptop, like a powerpoint. maybe it's possible with a hdmi to the screen's usb ?
of course this option cant control the sensor. But it saves a lot of time, instead of learning the code?

it's a standard (=cheap) photo frame sold in china. i bought it on alibaba, several companies sell it, my seller is not the manufacturer, i will ask them.The interface looks a bit old, maybe the manufacturer got it from someone.


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Certainly the format of the picture files to be read from the SD card must be completely defined and in the public domain. Likewise the format of the pictures to be displayed on your computer. So the software is a format converter. I am not a software person, although I have written a few specifications of exactly what the software must do. The really detailed specification is the challenge. .