An Idea - wanting to create a Honda Interface module, just dont know which microcontroller i need

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So, i have an idea, but first a little background on my project. most cars either fall into 2 categories, those with OBD1 (On Board Diagnostics) which was from from late 80's to 95 or those with OBDII which is from 96 to present day. With OBD1, diagnosing problems was very hard, as each manufacturer had different styles for the plugs, meaning you could not use one tool for every car but with OBDII, this was possible with the government making them standardize plugs. That said, my car is a 95 Honda with a specialized plug though i did buy an adapter to fit the standard plugs, it did not work with a generic tool, but it did work with a Honda Interface Module(HIM). Which leads me to my question.

The HIM acts basically like a translator between the cars computer and a PC, with one cable plugging into the diagnostic port on the car and another cable plugging into the USB port on the computer. With open license software being available to use a laptop as a diagnostic tool, which microcontroller would i need to be able to achieve this. I already have a raspberry pi B+ so could i get away with finding linux software, or would i need to throw and arduino in somewhere?


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The ones my son uses just have a couple of monochrome very basic LCD lines of text. From there to data-logging is another step that would be easier with a pad or laptop to do the logging.


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You have to know how the cars ECU transfers data ,how to access data and how to display it. The hardware for pre 1995 cars is all different. I have not checked recently but the cables sold on Ebay to connect any ECU to a opensource diagnostic program was all for European licensed cars ,and mostly diesels as far as I was aware.