CPLD Chip with no part number? HELP!!

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Davis Hoffman

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Hello all! I have this Chip, I assume it's a CPLD chip of some sort. 44 pins. I have a few questions.

1. How would I figure out which chip this is/part number of it?
2. Would there be a way to Auto detect it with a programmer?
3. If so what programmer Would I need?
4. With what programmer would I be able to Read/Write from/to this chip?
5. What program would I need?

Thank you all! Any help would be great!



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Some thoughts -

1) Possible there might be some markings on bottom.

2) Damp sponge, bright light, and magnifying glass dampen lid and
see if you can pick up any faint markings.

3) Tedious but power up board, and pin by pin look at voltages/signals
to see if anything makes sense for boards function.

4) Longshot back in 70s we used to torch parts in the parking lot turning
plastic into ash, then we could look at die. Usually die has part number marked on it,
or at least the vendor. This may no longer work if plastic significantly changed. There
are other chemical methods to remove plastic as well.

5) Clues can be had from board functionality.

Regards, Dana.