Convert 12.4v PSU to Automotive 13.8v Battery Maintainer

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Hi all,

Looking for some help please, trying to convert a desktop PSU (Aero Cool MX600W) ACP-I600MD from 12.4v output up to a stable 13.8v (ish) so I can use it as a car battery maintainer for ECU programming (13v minimum, 14v maximum). The PSU has no variable resistors, so all the tie downs and fixed, does anyone recognise this board, and or know where to start with identifying the voltage regulator and associated resistor responsible for controlling the output? And if any voltage override control needs similar adjustment?

Any advice much appreciated?

Cheers Steve



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Hard to tell without a schematic.
Can you carefully measure all the voltages on that IC with respect to the output common?
Pin 1 is on the bottom right in your picture.


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Your ECU,
assuming it is designed for Automotive use,
will work just fine on ~12-Volts,
and probably even down to ~8-Volts.

A Boost-Converter might even cause more problems than it "might" solve.

A large Capacitor, ( ~1000uf or more ),
with excellent, secure connections to the Board is the best
insurance against a corrupted Write-Cycle.
NO Alligator-Clips !!!!


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Going to be tricky. The DP2358 in your 2nd pic is the SMPS controller, it'll control all 3 outputs by regulating the 5v rail (probably). The GR8313 chip is a 3-rail supervisor which will shut things down if any of the rails is over- or under-voltage.

Best leave it at 12.4v as already said.