Conversion to electric drive

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My electric drive platform (posted before) is working, controlled by a FlySky controller. Now, I want to use it to drive my snoblower around remotely. The platform is driven by 2 12 VDC motors, so differential steering. The snoblower now has to be pushed manually, so it has a single axle with 2 wheels. Any thoughts/ideas appreciated.


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Question after question bur no answer!
Because apparently You have no idea about how difficult doing what You are asking for is.
Not to mention, the heavy amount of Power required for a Snow-Blower.

It's a completely impractical project,
and everyone here is gently pushing You towards that realization with
questions that You must know the answer to, before You start to plan the project.

There are very good reasons why most Snow-Blowers have at least
a ~5-horsepower Gasoline-Engine, and weigh more than ~75-pounds.