Controlling a DC motor

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Hello everyone...
I have some generel questions, please if you can help.
I have a controller that control a 12V DC motor. I use Ni-Mh battery 12Vx2 3800mAh as power source.
When i run the motor, the battery runs out very quickly. The motor current measured is 4.8A when motor start and 0.5A when steady.
My question is...
Can anyone help me to find a controller which can reduce the starting current at least 50% of previous condition?
Thank you...


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If you halve the start-up current for the motor the torque and angular acceleration will also be halved, so it will take about twice as long to get up to its running speed. Hence the total energy drawn from the battery will be about the same :(.


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You may want to look at Li-Po battery, they are generally a better choice for small motor operation.
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