Controlling 24VDC coil based on DC voltage reading...

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Hi all,

So I have solar energy at home consisting out of panels, batteries and inverter/charger. Thing is I am running my house on this 24/7 with a way too small battery bank ( don't tell me upgrade the battery bank!) resulting in the need to charge from time to time.

I have a 48VDC battery bank, that can be charged by a 220VAC charger, I have a 220VAC contactor controlled by a 24VDC coil that should(this is where you come in) be connected to my Arduino. It should be able to measure the battery bank voltage ( doesn't matter if it is measuring 48VDC 24 VDC or 12VDC) and switch the coil when a certain voltage is reached which in turn switches the contactor that starts the charge, it should then charge for 3hours and switch the charge off. Can you help please?


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What code? I dont do Arduino only pic programmes.. soz

As a guide use the A2D converter read the battery voltage using a resistor divider, and set an upper and lower level to compare it with, then use that to put the relay on/off.