Connecting two electronic devices via Switch router to communicate with eachother

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Hi guys , I've one electronic component assume one called A , the other one called B.

the protocol in A is multicast and the protocol in B supports unicast and multicast protocol. I connect A to B directly and Yes they started communicate with each other , I did ping to B in order to know if it talks with A or not and Yes it talks with A all good.

but in my measurement I need the electronic A to talk with other electronic devices. so what I did is to connect the electronic A
to Switch in order to have implicitly many ports of 'multicast ports' in order to let others electronics devices to be connected to it and talk with A.

I connected A to switch-switch router- and from one of the ports of the switch I connected device electronic B implicitly B is connected to A via SWITCH .. but unfortunately when I do ping to B it doesn't talk to A and I don't know why ..any help what could be the problem? once again before connecting the switch the device electronic B connected to A directly and it talks to A and all fine .. I did ping to B and yes I see it talks to A ..
but when I connected B via SWITCH to A doesn't talk to A ..

Any help what could be the problem? what should I check to figure out what's the problem?