Connecting Power Supplies Together


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Your math is incorrect.
You can get only 48V @ 30A, not 60A.

Do the math.
48V @ 60A PSU is 2880W.
Each PSU can only supply 24V @ 30A = 720W

You can wire the two PSU in series if they are "floating", i.e. not connected to a common ground (or at least one PSU must be floating).


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Connecting power supplies in parallel is ill-advised and, depending on the internal circuitry, could lead to damage.


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Ony if the outputs are floating - no connection to ground - and they don't mine being 48V above ground (you'd need to check that for the suplies you select).

[edit] And for the safety of the supplies you need four 60A diodes reverse conected across the output of each supply


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I added the link do you know if they’re floating or not ?
Sorry i’m not that good in English
Usually the Negative lead on a switchmode psu is connected to Earth Terminal on a Metal case.

It can be removed to make the psu "Floating" then you can connect them in Series.