Connecting limit switches on a 2 channel relay

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So I am working on a project that uses a 12v dc motor, the motor should move only when the Limit Switch is not pressed in then stop when pressed, and move again when it is released., I have tried various connections but I cant seem to make them work somehow attached is a connection I tried that I found and want to implement it on my circuit and instead of the 6pin switch instead uses a 2channel relay, where should the connections of the relay be???? 1681579946205.png1681579922875.png


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Here are the connections for the two relays to control motor on/off and reversal.

Note that you need the diodes at the motor to provide a path for the inductive motor spike and protect the contacts.
Otherwise they may rapidly erode.
Connect the limit switches between the com terminals and the diode-motor connection, so their contacts are also protected.

Those connections cause the motor to go in one direction when one relay is energized, and in the opposite direction when the other relay is energized.
The motor stops when neither or both relays are energized.
Is that what you want?
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