Connecting H-bridge with current sensor

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Dear All
I am interested in connecting L-298 H-bridge IC with current sensing module ACS712-5A_A0330 to measure the current drawn by the motor and then pass the value to arduino. Can anybody let me know the schematic or how can i connect H-bridge to this current sensing module.

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RSa, RSb on pins 1 & 15 are used to monitor the H bridge current when each side is conducting, this produces a small volt drop across the resistor that can be monitored by a analog input to your controller, if necessary an op amp can increase the output to a practical level as the value of RSa & RSb are typically very low.
If you Google this IC you most likely will get many examples, I do not use Arduino so I cannot be of much help there.
Others hear may offer some help on that score.


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Dear Sir
I have attached the image of the IC i have, but i cannot understand how pin 1 and 15 can used for this purpose. Your assistance is required. Thanks.
So, assume your motor is a 12 V with current draw of 0 to 0.5 amps.

If 0.5 amps go through the sense resistor ( 1ohms), the voltage across that sense resistor will be 0.5A X 1 ohms = 0.5 volts.

Your arduino can read the pin1 of the L298 and a analogRead() command will see values of 0-1023 normally if all possible values are 0 to 5 volts. You will only get values of 0 to 102 if you are looking at 0 to 0.5V. If that resolution is good enough (about 1%) then that is all you need to do.

Just remember for the two "A" outputs, you monitor the "sense resistor" connected from pin 1 to ground at pin 1 of the L293 with arduino ADC (analogRead()) command.