Connecting Analog O/P Card Signal to Digital I/P Card

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Hello All :),

I have an Application in which i have to test the Digital I/O pins of DUT.

The Digital I/O's operate at Voltage levels of 0-3 V and its detail specifications are as follows : -
1. Vih (High Level I/P Voltage) - 2 to 3 V
2. Vil (Low Level I/P Voltage) - 0 to 0.9 V
3. Voh(High Level O/P Voltage) - 2 to 2.5 V
3. Voh(Low Level O/P Voltage) - 0 to 0.4 V

For testing purpose I'm using Analog Card (0-10 V). I will be passing 2.7 V and 0.3 V from the Analog card to Turn my Digital ON/OFF. Similarly i will be sensing High and Low Voltage levels from my Analog I/P card.

So i wanted to know whether if i will be able to test Digital I/O's using Analog I/P and O/P card.
Is resistance matching or any other point going to affect the Testing Configurtion.