connecting a 10 horse power motor to the wall


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10 HP = 7.46 kW, so allowing for start-up surge current you would need a supply rated for much more than 7.46kW (i.e. >> 31A @240V RMS).


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What is the voltage rating of the motor?
(Anytime you want to offer more info about the motor without us asking, feel free to do so. :rolleyes:)

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This is the motor i am considering, i will use that in the USA
hp 10
Maximum rpm 1,760
Voltage 208-230/460 Volts AC
Phase Three
Amps @ Full Load 26.5-24.4/12.2
Frequency 60 Hz
Electrical Connection Wire Leads
Electrical Rating
UL UL Recognized Components
CSA CSA Certified
Service Factor 1.15
Efficiency 91.7%
Inverter Rated No
Torque @ 460 Volts AC
Starting Torque 631.2 in.-lbs.
Accelerating Torque 482.4 in.-lbs.
Peak Torque 970.8 in.-lbs.
Continuous Operating Torque 357.6 in.-lbs.
Frame Size NEMA 215T
Enclosure Type TEFC
Enclosure Material Cast Iron
Bearing Type Ball
Overall Length 18 1/2"
Overall Width 15"
Overall Height 13"
Diameter 1 3/8"
Length 3 3/8"
Center to Base (A) 5 1/4"
Shaft Type Keyed
Key Stock Key stock is included.
Base Type Welded


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You will need a 3 phase supply, the most common is 460 if using in the US, Unfortunately it is out of the realm, size wise to be able to run it off a 1ph VFD, these usually top out at 5hp for the 1ph type.
You will also require a disconnect, fusing and over load, current dependant on 240 or 460v operation.


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As I mentioned in earlier post, you will be hard pressed to find a VFD that will drive a 10hp with 1 phase in, most top out at 5hp when using 240v 1 phase..
You could always try the support line of various suppliers, such as WEG, Mistubishi or Teco, or Hitachi.


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i just have a question stood in my mind, what if i used an AC drive (vfd) will that solve the problem ?
Yes it can be done. Most larger VFD's can be modified to work on higher powered single phase inputs as well. I've done several over the years for people.

I just put in larger components to increase the input rectifier bridges current rating and main power bank capacitor values by 2 - 3 times their stock ratings.