confused on poles and phase wiring, help plz on if this would work for generator

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IMG_0039 (2).jpg IMG_0042.JPG IMG_0043.JPG hello all I'm new to this forum and tyring to get some understanding on stator windings such as 3 phase, star, etc ive been reading the forum on here about delta and star , how stators at configured , and wired in single phase or 3.. mainly I am working on a project where I have a circle with 6 magnets half facing north and half facing south ( I can not alternate n and south in this setup do to the way I'm spinning them just trust me) and have to go with 3 facing n and 3 facing south next to each other in circle.. is/ how would I wire the stator or make , got some pics but can change the stator not printed yet or wire wraped just wondering if I can three phase it or if it wont work cause the angles .. would it be better with 7 poles on stator or maybe 5? not sure how this all works IMG_0039 (2).jpg IMG_0039 (2).jpg IMG_0042.JPG