Complex circuitry inside 3 way 100MHz splitter power pass

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The 3 way splitter, 100MHz 6A power pass was used in TV cable line. Out 1 has DC voltage output too with RF. Out 2 and Out 3 has just RF output.

The circuit of the splitter looks complex to me. I used to imagine there are only two capacitors inside as uploaded circuit. But look at the real splitter, it has nice design.

Just curiosity: what is the job of the complex circuitry there?



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There is a mistake in your schematic, maybe when tracing the setup.

Coaxial lines for TV signals have a 75 Ohm impedence. You cannot just connect 2 or 3 lines together (like you do in a power line) since the impedence mismatch will lead to signal loss, and more importantly, reflections, that will lead to multiple Ghosts in the video display.

A RF splitter (or combiner) will need to use Impedence matching using Baluns,( thats the tiny transformers you see inside).