Comparison tool for tiny microcontrollers

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Hi all,

Hi all, I was tasked to do a comparison table for the features of tiny micros (ATtiny, msp430, stm8...) and select the best ones for our task (based on pin count, i2c, adc, memory etc..). Is there an existing comparison tool that exists or do I have to manually search each manufacturer?



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Within Microchip (i.e., PIC and Atmel) there is a selection tool. I am not aware of one that includes TI or STMicro... or others.

Maybe that is why you have been asked to do it. If you look at the Microchip selection guide, it will be a good start on the column heading you will need. Can you limit the size? For example, only releases in the past 2 or 5 years?


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I am afraid of your final election is a result of a bureaucratic reading. No hands on test?

Are you intending to compare only specs?