Compare thermoelectric cooler with fridge

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i have a waeco ccf40 fridge freezer that needs some repairs. while i was at the shop ordering some parts to repair it, i was looking at a thermoelectric cooler about the same size as the ccf40 and claims to cool 30 degs. below ambient. most of my camping trips are only 2 or 3 nights and was thinking weather the cooler would suit my needs?
i only need to keep things cold, no real need to keep things frozen as my trips are never more then a week. just weekend get aways.
so can anyone tell me if they are any good and what they are like on power consuption compaired to a fridge/freezer?


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As I found the waeco ccf40 has a compressor, which is more cost effective than one with thermoelectric cooler.
If the waeco is in a good working condition and silent, I would stuck with it.


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Either kind requires electrical power, so I suggest comparing the power consumption of each candidate for a given amount of cooling. I have a thermoelectric cooler but I do not use it when stopped without mains power because it draws about six amps constantly, and it only cools "some." That current draw will take down an older battery over night in warm weather..