Codeless State Machines

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Thought this might be of interest to some.

Often on AAC I see folks doing HW only circuits with some form of intelligence in them, like
sequential load turn on, timed pulse generation, etc..

Modern tools allow much faster and frankly fun ways of handling this. FPGAs would be in many
cases the first thing a designer reaches for.

Alternatively there are methods not as complex as learning an FPGA tool and all its intricacies.

Here is a design done in ~ 10 min for a simple traffic light controller w/o having to write any code.
If you can code the chip has a tremendous amount of additional capability in it, like lots of analog resources
and everything from usual simple gates to counter/timer/ PWM/COM, even DSP for filtering.

Here is the short video on the procedure

The attachment is a catalog of on chip components/resources.


Regards, Dana.