CNC mill for $150.00


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It's not really a CNC mill, it's like those plastic TVs and laptops they have in Ikea showrooms, props that look like something- but aren't.

Bet you could barely cut bananas with that thing.


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Here are a couple of reviews so you don't have to register at HobbyKing:

I did not watch the full second link. The first shows engraving steel, and from that, I assume you could probably cut light weight modeling materials and maybe a PCB.

The leadscrews look like they may be trapezoidal thread (like ACME) rather than regular 60° screw rod, which is nice .


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The most horrific aspect is the spindle motor concept- it looks like the motor bearings are all that support the tool cutting loads.
It's probably just bronze bushings in the motor!

It's so absurdly cheap though, almost worth buying it just to get the parts... (to make something more useful)


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I agree. Also, the motor doesn't appear to have thrust bearings (i.e., the shaft goes through the motor). I would want to replace it with something more appropriate for a spindle. It is listed on several sites and seems to be a hot seller.


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But for someone wanting to see if they could actually do CNC it would be a cheap way to get involved. As long as you just milled plastic or wood. Beats spending big $ and finding out you can't make it work.

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I think for $150.00 there is not much to lose, as mentioned you have quite a bit of HW if nothing else.
The slight down side is the Acme screws rather than higher quality, but precision ground, or even rolled version can hardly be expected.
It is really a cheap down-and-dirty way to get familiar with CNC and is really just an engraver.
Nothing more should be expected. IMO.


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I have spent more on "accessories" and tooling than I spent on my mill and lathe... You will also need to be able to hold material down firmly... you do not want to create unintentional missiles... Don't ask how I know...