Circuit for a 135kHz transducer used for ultrasonic cleaning

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I am trying to use 135kHz transducers for a hobby project. Following are the specs:

Type BJC-13550T- 36SS PZT-4
Frequency 135KHz ± 1 KHz
Power 50W
Capacity 5400pf (pzt4)
Radiating surface 36mm
Resonance Resistance 10-20Ω
Length 54mm
Power Supply Input: 100V~130V or 220V~240V AC
Weight 250g

I'm using eight of these at a time (400W). The local vendor has wired them up to two PCBs and has supplied it to me. The circuit allows me to use either four or all eight together at full output. I need to change the intensity of ultrasonic waves i.e. output from each transducer needs to vary from 0 to 50W using a knob.

I have the following questions:
1. What happens when the AC voltage across the transducer is reduced below 220V?
2. Can I use a fan voltage regulator to control the power input to the transducer, thereby controlling the intensity?
3. Should I be using a dimmer instead? Details please?
4. Is there a possibility of damaging the PCB or transducers during these trials? Safety tips?

Thanks in advance!


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