Circuit Diagram to breadboard converter software


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Is/are the any free software out there that can convert a circuit diagram to a breadboard layout?
When I get an idea, the first thing I do is to breadboard it by hand. When the circuit is working as planned, I draw it in EagleCAD.

There are some free breadboard programs, ready to download, depending on your operating system. (Windows / Linux) Use Google, and have fun!

Some examples are PEBBLE, Virtual Breadboard, Fritzing...


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Pebble won't do the layout for you, starting from a schematic. It just allows you to shuffle components around manually on a virtual breadboard.


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If you want to be a EE guy then you have to learn the way as EE guy did, to see the schematic and to identify the components as capacitor, there are many different capacitors, resistors, diodes, bjt(transistor), Mosfets, led, relay, coil, etc ...

When you want to do the experiments then you just to see the schematic and to put the components into the breadboard, step by step, adding the +V and GND with the circuit into breadboard, to see the results and to debug the bugs, until the circuit works successful.