Cheap PICKIT 3

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    Apr 24, 2011
    I picked up a PICKIT off EBAY last week. Dirt cheap, $28USD free ship vs $48 plus shipping from distribution.

    The PICKIT itself seems 100% legit, though I do not have a target handy to check it out fully. MPLAB does recognize it.

    What is weird is the standard red USB cable looks cheezy and is not as long as the normal one. Plus the DVD is not printed rather just a recordable disk with Chinese characters in the folder names. I'm tossing that (as I also do with the always obsolete disks I get from Microchip).

    Microchip contracts out PICKIT production to China: it's stamped right on the PCB. If I suspected out and out thievery I would not touch these. I imagine some enterprising person working in that shop figured out how to get units out the back door.

    Anyway, here's a way to get an upgrade (or in my case a cheap backup) programmer/debugger.

    Search EBay for "PICkit3 Promotion" and they will appear.
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    Feb 19, 2010