Changing 2 prong plugs on chinese things(240VAC)

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Rebuilding laser cutter at the moment.

One of bits need updating is removing 2 flat prong mains socket passthrough on the back of the machine and two pumps that came with said flat prong plugs.
Machine itself is connected to UK mains via IEC socket, grounded. Accessories for plugging in the passthrough are air pump (air assist) and submersible water pump (laser tube cooling) and are ungrounded 2 pin. They are bad (very loose) fit and ungrounded.

I will get an electrician to fit the UK grounded/switched double socket installed, but what about accessory plugs ?
How do i wire them in regards to L/N ? Just chop off the end and wire UK plug to L/N, there is no ground to wire.

All is running on 240VAC UK mains, no transformers.


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Yes that's what i do,just chop off the plug and put a 3 pin UK plug on with a 3 Amp fuse, the chinese device won't have an Earth.


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Technically you should provide an earth ground conductor on the ungrounded Asian origin machines for safety purposes.
Particularly on a laser cutter.

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Machine itself is properly grounded - IEC socket with earth wire bolted to the case. Earth rings through ok when probed on earth prong of UK plug and to any exposed metal surface of the casing.

Its the accessories that are ungrounded. Weird flat two pronged things, very loose fit etc. need them replaced to proper UK sockets/plugs.