Cat Laser MK-3

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Steve Tofflemire

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Cat laser that I made - almost finished.

2 servos modules, 2 red laser dot modules (650nm), an Arduino Nano v3, and a 9V battery and holder.

I'm planning on possibly combining the power wires as such: S.VCC (Servos) [2+1], L.VCC (Lasers) [2+1], and GND (Servos & Lasers) [4+1].
This will go down assuming it doesn't work the way I want it to in terms of freedom of rotation and wire feeding. In other words, I will only do this in future similar devices, or, if I find that there isn't enough wiggle room for the wires and need to free up wires being fed.

I had to use wires that were braided so that they could bend easily.
I am about to write + test code on it.
I have lasers on 3.3V instead of 5V just incase. This way, I won't burn them out using 5V, if it recommends 3.3V. So first: try 3.3V, then try 5V depending. I've made this cat laser before in version 1 transformed to version 2. I am aware what the laser dot should look like in terms of brightness/voltage.

My cat loves lasers so she loved Cat Laser MK1 and she loved Cat Laser MK2 even more. I know she will love when I start uploading code to this one.

Does anyone know the current draw for the:
Red Laser Dot Module (650nm) ??
TowerPro SG90 9G Servo ?? is my FB page. is my Pinterest page.



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If you have the parts, you can measure the current. Otherwise, Google the part numbers, or whatever identification you have. You'll find it.

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Steve Tofflemire

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i just tried servos and just not enough current.

I have Arduino digital pins as such: VCC is a digital pin that is high. GnD is a digital pin that is LOW. done the same for each servo (each servo takes up 3 digital pins)... I am not sure but I think i could get more if they weren't digital pins and that i used the actual VCC and GND of the Arduino and parallel every device. I also am not sure but perhaps its that i need two 9v batteries instead of 1. feedback?