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I am building a 8' in diameter will also be about 6' high.What would be the best type of motor to turn this? I was thinking for it to run about 12 rpm. Your thoughts?


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If the carosuel is for human or animal riders there are additional considerations that are important. Starting and stopping need to be very gentle. What I have seen in a portable trailer mounted system, rented for little children's parties was a well balanced system spun by hand of the operator.. That worked very well and assured no problems with the drive system. the added advantage is that it did not require any external power source or motor control.


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My initial answer mistakenly thought you were working in " not feet. !
What you need to know first is the amount of torque required to rotate the device fully loaded.
IOW, the means of operating/rotating the device is calculated or measured, after the mechanism is created.


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12 RPM for an eight foot diameter assembly will be quite rapid indeed. around 7 inches per second at the perimeter
For a drive system the first question will be what part gets driven? A center shaft drive will need a rather solid bearing to support it, while a perimeter friction drive can be much less massive. An 1800 ROM motor using a drive wheel with a circumference of 1.256 inches would do it. That could be a fairly low power induction motor, probably 1/20HP is a close standard rating. So a half inch diameter rubber drive on a 1750 RPM induction motor will be quite close. And the benefit will be that a gradual engagement will provide a smooth start.
Of course, this is assuming that AC mains power is available for the project.
My guess is that this a carosuel is for children. My assumption is that the load is well balanced with not much friction, and that a perimeter friction drive is acceptable.
If that is not the case, then a larger motor may be required, and the drive may need to be a greater power motor.
If that is not the case then these numbers may not apply.