Car remote control part that no one can identify

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Hi I am trying to repair my cars remote control unit but no one can identify what the part is that I require. Its for a 2102 Subaru liberty in Australia. Its says on it 400h we think. any suggestions appreciated. This is a picture of the intact part on the remaining working remote unit. ThanksSubaru remote 1.jpg

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I am finding it hard to conceive a situation where this part would go missing on a remote control ,

As all of these nameless units,
even the chips have legends that are not decodable,

as its at the far end form the buttons , its pointed towards the car,
It looks metalized,

SAW filter,
SAW resonator
antenna .

basically what Im getting at,
is your onto a looser here,

either get another fob from the dealer or off your favourite on line shop,
but your going to have to pay some one to pair them with your car,

or get a broken on, with a donar part ,