Cannot open outlook 2007 .pst data file after repair

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    Oct 20, 2015
    Hi There

    I recently installed Office 2007 on a new pc, then imported my old Outlook 2003 file into it. All worked fine for a while then I had archiving and personal folders issues. I thought the profile might be corrupt so created a new profile and tried to open old data file as well as try to import it. Both failed.

    I then noticed the mailbox was over 2gb. So I ran the outlook cropping tool, and the scanpst.exe to repair. I then tried to open the data file in Outlook, it lets me select file but then nothing happens, no data file is loaded.

    I try importing it and get the error "the messaging interface has reported an unknown error. If the problem persists, Restart outlook"

    From googling the above it results seem to lead back to either corrupted profiles, oversized data files etc. I have tried all the create new profile and import, but nothing works. I cannot open any data file

    I create yet another profile and get message I cannot open information store. Stuck

    Any help appreciated, I have absolutely everything in that data file. Even if I have backups, whats the point if I cant open them.
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