Canb i convert 24v 250Mah to 12v500Mah? by resistor

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hellow. this is my first post. sorry about the english..
be gentel with me :) haha

i have 2 led drivers.
one led driver 12V 500mah - work just fine.
the second led driver is 24v 250 mah

i want to make the 24v to be 12v.
i put 500 ohm resistor in sireus and it work fine - but the resistor was very very hot !!!
can i put more resistors (in other ways) to Cause the heat to divide between the resistors?

thank you alot.


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You can use series or parallel resistors of appropriate value (e.g. two 250 Ohm in series, or two 1k Ohm in parallel) to share a heat load, or simply use a single resistor of higher wattage rating and a suitable heatsink to cool things down, but for a given load the heat that needs to be dissipated in total will be the same.
You're never going to get 12V 500mA out of a 24V 250mA rated supply, although you could come close by using a high efficiency switch-mode buck converter.
Edit: BTW, supplies are rated in mA, not mAh. (mAh are units of charge, e.g. indicators of battery capacity.)
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