Can someone simply explain the go-arounds of the circuit. I'm trying to learn and I found this l23pd thats pretty complicated.

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Please explain what is happening in the circuit. I'm new to electronics and i want to understand l23pd.

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Still can't read any of the part numbers. Please add a list.

Also, if the chip in the middle is an L293D, why does it have only 16 pins?


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You have an H bridge motor driver. A video can help familiarize you with the IC for a particular application.
More specifically a simulation for the L293D can tell you most anything about the Go Arounds. But video on it points the way.
An LTSpice H bridge motor driver would be easier (more widely accepted) in this forum. But not available. We need conformity because there are so many different electronics applications that it is difficult to address without some common ground. If you are new to electronics an attempt to visualize is understandable, we have all been there. Making drawings on paper about what you think is on the datasheet will help. I would like to see anything you can share don't worry about the cryptic words associated with the pins it is just dumb stuff for driving a motor. Notice Vs and Vss the data sheet says
that the symbol Vs means Voltage supply and the symbol Vss means Voltage logic supply. There are 4 inputs and outputs,

so let's jump back to H bridge

The switches (or transistors in the above) then can be realized in the L293 and the transition from analog enabled to logic enabled is demonstrated as a working mechanism.

The go around as stated before does use schematic and also blue color in the animation or a teacher doing this on a chalk board.
Sorry I am not familiar with your simulation but I understand there are some great prototype environments for motor control now.
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