Can I stack resistive touch layers?

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Hi! I managed to feed my Raspberry Pi video output on the 7 inch (touch) screen in my car (2003-2008 Lexus RX300, RX330 in USA) by tapping into the navigation computer video output via RGBs. With the help of the great OpenAuto project, Android Auto works on the screen and is currently controlled via an USB remote.

However, I would like to use the (resistive) touch screen for input. The climate control options, clock settings and trip information computers also work via the same display, but are fed by other computers in de car AVC-LAN network.

I found the following solutions to this:

1. Use a Raspberry Pi touch controller, since the car display has a 4-wire resistive touch controller. However, I will lose the touch screen controls for the other computers mentioned above, which is not what I want. Maybe some kind of manual touch screen switch, but I don't know if it exists. Can I just use a manual quadruple throw switch without breaking someting?

2. I know the car has a network call AVC-LAN, which I could somehow connect to and read the touch screen events. But since I'm not really into electronics, I think that's too difficult for me at the moment. I have seen some projects for the Arduino, but it is too difficult for me at the moment;

3. Use a device like the Customgadz MimicsG4, with their touch screen switcher. But it is currently out of stock (since october). I don't know yet if I can get this to work with the Raspberry Pi instead of Android;

4. Use a second resistive touch layer, and put it over the one already on the screen. If I remove the navigation DVD from the original navigation system, it does not matter that both device receive the touch events. Only if I'm in the climate control screen, the Raspberry will also receive touch events, but I think that's not really an issue.

Option 2 would be the best option (because of no manual switching), followed by option 4.

TL;DR: Are resistive touch layers stackable? Will they both work, or would I have to press really hard to register touches? Would the adhesive of the second touch screen somehow damage the one already on my car display? Would it be possible to remove the second layer without damaging the first one (for when I sell my car)?

Would a quadruple throw switch from option 1 work, or do I need a more advanced switch?


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