Can I replace a Solid State Relay with an electromechanical one?

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Xavier Pacheco Paulino

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I have a SSR (Solid State Relay). The mark code is: DPA4111 which is burnt. I attach its picture and its respective datasheet.

The SSR is connected to the following ICs:

4116R-1 Network Resistor
74HC374: Octal 3−State Non−Inverting D Flip−Flop

So I assume it's controlled using 5V.

Can I replace it with a jq1a-5V electrically speaking? Picture attached.

I know that pinouts are not the same. But if I can replace it, I can adapt the pinouts.
Also, I should add a freewheeling diode, I think.



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It could be done, but you have to research. A lot will depend on what you are switching and how often you're switching it.

Plus the fact that the current difference in relays, and that a conventional relay has a latching current and a holding current.

The flip flop might not supply enough current. So a switch and clamp might be needed.

I don't understand why you want to change it.


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Because I would like to repair it using a fast and convenient solution. And I don't have the SSR now. So do you recommend to buy the SSR. If it's the only solution I can buy it online even though a I will have to wait.
I recommend a proper replacement and just work on something else while you wait. I usually have a portfolio of projects running so that when I get stumped on one, I can switch to another while I wait for parts or whatever. Patience is a virtue.


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I agree with the others - replace with a similar SSR. The 74HC374 won't be able to deliver enough current to drive 5V relay which probably draws in the range of 80 to 120 mA.

You could adapt it with an NPN transistor driver circuit if you absolutely needed it now. However, you need to look at what the relay is controlling as that is a zero crossing relay. A mechanical relay could introduce some problems if ZC is important.