Can I remove the USB plug from USB powered fairy lights?

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Hi Guys,
Im making a model that will be internally lit by 2 sets of 120 USB fairy lights.
Both sets have a USB plug on the end which contains some circuitry to control the pre-programmed modes and a wireless receiver.
I want to wire the lights to a toggle switch on-off-on (SPDT) so I can switch between the 2 sets and have different parts of the model lit.
My question is, can I cut off the USB plug and wire the lights directly into my toggle switch and then connect a standard 2 wire female USB plug to the toggle switch to power the lights.
Nearly all the string lights that have 50 lights, just have a standard USB connector, but the ones that are 100+ all have that extra circuitry in the USB connector, leading me to believe that there may be some switching happening so that only 50% are ever lit at any one time.
Any advice is welcome.
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The answer to your question is heavily dependent on what is in the box that has the USB Type A male on it. If you open it up and get sharp, well lit photos of both sides the board, your question can probably be definitively answered.

Unless there are some screws, it looks like the type of case that simply splits in half, usually they are not glued. Carefully inserting a sharp blade at the seam and probably will probably work. The board probably just rests inside.

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If only half the lamps are illuminated at a time, they change by reversing polarity to the LEDs. If you cut off the special plug, only half of them will light.


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If you decide yo cut off the USB plug, be sure to leave enough wire on the plug side to allow it to be spliced back on. That is a CYA (cover your backside) way of allowing you to undo a mistake.