Can an axial leaded glass-body fuse be mounted vertically?

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Younes Thabet

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Hello all,

I am designing a PCB containing a power supply with a very limited space so I can't use a 5x20mm cartridge fuse or even 5x15mm ones. The only available solution is to use axial leaded fuse mounted vertically!! so is it okey to mount a fuse vertically!? and does it affect PSU efficiency!?
Also I tried using fusible resistors and I have been told that it would cause compliance issues with my product?



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Is the fuse to be mounted vertically on a horizontal board or a vertical one?
I see no reason why the orientation of the fuse would affect the efficiency of a power supply.
If it is mounted on one end with the other lead bent back parallel to the body. The only concerns would be physical stability and a need to insulate the exposed lead to prevent it from shorting out the fuse.


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Yes, you can mount them vertically and no, it doesn't affect the PS. However, I don't understand why fusible resistors (I've not heard of them before) would cause a "compliance" issue.