1. Y

    What is this component?

    Hi everyone! I'm wondering what component is this? It is crunchy when you turn it like a sand inside and i think it needs a replacement. It doesn't control the power output properly. It is the two large object near the red led (one of it is crunchy)
  2. Younes Thabet

    Can an axial leaded glass-body fuse be mounted vertically?

    Hello all, I am designing a PCB containing a power supply with a very limited space so I can't use a 5x20mm cartridge fuse or even 5x15mm ones. The only available solution is to use axial leaded fuse mounted vertically!! so is it okey to mount a fuse vertically!? and does it affect PSU...
  3. CharlesGarrett5699

    Potential uses for 3.7V to 15kV step-up circuits?

    Had some circuits put together in china and shipped to UK for a project. Long story short the ozone the arc was producing was too much of a concern for the product as it was being inhaled directly. They produce an arc up to 7 mm across. Have 500 of these circuits sitting around, does anyone have...
  4. R

    Sapphire AMD Radeon Pulse RX 570 4GB - PCB Component Identification Help

    Hi, i need to solder a few components on a Sapphire AMD Radeon Pulse RX 570 4GB. PCB: CAN ICES-3(B) /NMB-3(B) I require a little assistace to identify 3 components (in yellow) that are missing or require replacing. Looking at my pictures can you tell me what the name of the...
  5. A

    Identification of components in old radio

    Hi. I have recently gotten my hands on what I think is a very old radio: I am interested in how this device works. Inside the case is, among other things, a black cylinder containing some circuitry and on its side is a schematic: I have tried making a hand drawn copy: I am having a hard time...