1. trivettegiacomo

    where can i buy an amoled display panel?

    Hi, i would like to build my own computer monitor and i'm trying to find the display panel component that should have these characteristics: amoled or oled technology size between 13.3 and 17 inches resolution 4k Can you help me find where to buy it online?
  2. Anna Swinemar

    Unidentifiable SMD Component

    Hello, I am working on my 2018 GMC instrument cluster. It has a parasitic current draw that drains the battery within 3 days. I found this part which to me, looks like and SMD diode. It is reading "OL" in circuit and out of circuit. See attached photo. I have tried looking through the SMD Code...
  3. Swaysceptile

    ExpressSCH Netlist Error Regarding NetNames

    Hi, I am having a hard time figuring out how to fix this warning. It says that that symbol '0v' is connected to a net with two different NetNames. It refers to the other symbol located on the upper right which is 'Vpp'. It tells me that I need to change the name or remove the symbol at all. I...
  4. S

    Large discrepancy in measured and specified capacitances when soldered onto PCB?

    Hi, Not sure if best to post in general chat or power electronics, but: I am having some significant issues when measuring my power converter capacitances with a hand-held LCR meter than I expect from the specification. I have a series-parallel combination of capacitors that should give an...
  5. T

    Which (if any) capacitors for these DC/DC converters?

    I’m trying to choose/work out if I need capacitors for the input and output of two DC/DC converters. The first converter is a Murata PAE-29/3-D48, powering this along a ~30cm cable, and a bike headlight, using ~100ma with a ~40cm cable. The second is a Mornsun VCB4805SBO-30WR3 (5v version)...
  6. Lambo Av

    Doubts on How Connector Works

    Hi all, I am currently reviewing this Degson DG2002-4.0 connector. https://www.degson.com/content/details_123_10715.html May I know what does the arrow above the connector mean? And what do the holes beside the arrow does? Based on the photo below, there is this operating tool which can be...
  7. Y

    What is this component?

    Hi everyone! I'm wondering what component is this? It is crunchy when you turn it like a sand inside and i think it needs a replacement. It doesn't control the power output properly. It is the two large object near the red led (one of it is crunchy)
  8. Younes Thabet

    Can an axial leaded glass-body fuse be mounted vertically?

    Hello all, I am designing a PCB containing a power supply with a very limited space so I can't use a 5x20mm cartridge fuse or even 5x15mm ones. The only available solution is to use axial leaded fuse mounted vertically!! so is it okey to mount a fuse vertically!? and does it affect PSU...
  9. CharlesGarrett5699

    Potential uses for 3.7V to 15kV step-up circuits?

    Had some circuits put together in china and shipped to UK for a project. Long story short the ozone the arc was producing was too much of a concern for the product as it was being inhaled directly. They produce an arc up to 7 mm across. Have 500 of these circuits sitting around, does anyone have...
  10. R

    Sapphire AMD Radeon Pulse RX 570 4GB - PCB Component Identification Help

    Hi, i need to solder a few components on a Sapphire AMD Radeon Pulse RX 570 4GB. PCB: CAN ICES-3(B) /NMB-3(B) I require a little assistace to identify 3 components (in yellow) that are missing or require replacing. Looking at my pictures can you tell me what the name of the...
  11. A

    Identification of components in old radio

    Hi. I have recently gotten my hands on what I think is a very old radio: I am interested in how this device works. Inside the case is, among other things, a black cylinder containing some circuitry and on its side is a schematic: I have tried making a hand drawn copy: I am having a hard time...