Can a VFD be used to power a rectifying power supply

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Hello , I'm hoping someone can advise me . I have a cinema projector that uses a 1000w xenon lamp. This lamp requires a DC power supply of 24vdc at around 40A. I have an Irem rectifying power supply that is suitable for this purpose but it requires a 3 x 415vac 3 phase supply. It is rated as follows
IREM Rectifier Power Supply for Xenon Arc Lamp - N3-X50DM

Input AC 3.PE CL1 - Range: 342-418U - Frequency: 48-52Hz - Power: 2.6kVAmax -

Output DC - Range: 18-28V 30-50 A- No-load Voltage: 85V -

I don't have 3ph available so My question is am I better off finding a VFD to power the existing rectifier I have , or would it be better to disregard the 3 ph rectifier and find a single phase rectifier ? If a VFD is an option could someone recommend a model to me?

(Forgive me if this is a silly question ) I'm assuming the single phase rec would have far lower running costs in terms of power consumption , than using a 3ph rect powered by a VFD ?

I'm based in the UK.

Any advice will be gratefully received.

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I am puzzled a little by the no-load voltage of 85v?
Does the lamp system require this or will it operate at the rated voltage of 18-28v?
You could possibly use a 1ph transformer off of 1ph supply and run a bridge on the secondary I don't think you would need any cap smoothing in this instance.
Either off of 240v 1ph or off of two of the phases.
A 2Kva transformer should be OK.