Can a stepper motor driver be used for manual and/or automatic resonance frequency tuning?

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Hello again everyone! Im currently dabbling in a part of electrical circuitry design that I haven't really messed with much. I dont know a terrible amount about stepper motor drivers, but I was wondering if they could be modified to be used as resonance frequency drivers for an induction heater I'm planning on designing. If not, thats ok because I have a few more options available as a fallback. Im only asking this because I have a few stepper motor drivers just laying around and thought it might be cool to put them to good use!

Also, is an resonance frequancy driver supposed to be connected as part of the main circuit or can it somehow be connected in such a way that it doesnt have to handle the full grunt of the power required by the main circuit? If not I can probably find a way to raise the voltage and lower it again just before and after the driver.
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