Camera with main unit to recognize objects

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I need to build device with AI objects recognization which is working 24h/day

Writing the code is not problem however don't know if there any existing products (camera + main unit) on market which I can buy ( around 25 $) and write the code or have to just build it somehow?

When given object is recognised the alarm should be activated.

Do you have any idea about direction should I go? Or you know existing product i can buy?


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I think you underestimate how difficult this problem is. I certainly have never heard if such s commercial consumer .product that does anything like that.


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Welcome to AAC.

What you want to investigate is Edge Computing where AI and machine vision are used to do some processing without resort to the network and larger computers.

For example, this ESP32 development board targets image and voice recognition. There are other options but this is a fast moving field and you should do some independent research on what might fit your unspecified project's parameters.

There are specific hardware and software tools to get this done, reinventing the wheel is a mistake.


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@nacamai see some of NVIDIA's Jetson boards (maybe Nano will be sufficient for your application, app. 50$). This is the smallest and the cheapest platform which can support AI (object recognition), sofar I know. Nvidia has a good examples and a complete software image which can support training of some existing DNNs for some specific object recognition. Have a fun!


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The Raspberry Pi camera module V2 is 25 dollars. Raspberry Pi zero is available for 15 dollars. This setup looks the most convenient to me though it will slightly exceed your budget of 25 Dollars.


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