Calculation of total radiated power (TRP)

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I am trying to reproduce the calculation of TRP (Total Radiated Power) based on a document published by Texas Instruments on antenna measurements.

The numbers I use is in (Table 37. Board # 1: RP_2400.000_tot) on page 54 of the linked TI document (CC-Antenna-DK2 and Antenna Measurements Summary). The values used in the table are the measured radiated power of an antenna in a specific direction (TIRP), which is a dBm value for each position θ=0° 15 30...180° and Φ=0° 15 30...360° in a certain resolution.

The document calculates the TRP (Total radiated power) based on the numbers in the table and I am trying to reproduce the calculations but I cannot get the same number as in the document (-2.64dBm).

Picture below shows the calculations I have been doing so far without luck.

I have tried to use the formula in the picture above and did some calculations in Excel to find the TRP, but the value does not match the TRP value from the table in the TI document (TRP = -2.64 dBm).

Attached is an Excel document with two tables with data from the table in the TI, the TIRP values in dBm and converted to Watts for calculation and a link to the TI document.

Any input on the calculation and how to end up with the same number for TRP as TI does is greatly appreciated.