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i have the below RC circuit . I want to calculate time constant. The R will be 1ohms // 3ohms right ?

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i have the below RC circuit . I want to calculate time constant. The R will be 1ohms // 3ohms right ?

Here is the drawing cleaned up a little.

Is that a voltage source or a current source? It may change the result.
If it is a voltage source then it looks like you got it right (that is 6||1+3, not 1//3 whatever that is).
If it is a current source then that is only close not exact.

So you need to specify what your actual result is more clearly and specify if that is a voltage source or current source.



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Your circuit is not acceptable for analysis. Is that a DC voltage source or something else? We have a 'switch' that is not the proper schematic representation (looks like a short with a wire coming off of it?). We have what looks like a symbol for ohms that looks like a scratched up 'w'. We have 't of =' that is not legible.
These details may not seem important for such a 'simple' schematic, but they are critical. When you work with more complex schematics you need to be in the habit of being very accurate and legible or you will have difficulties analyzing any circuit.

If you don't like drawing the schematic by hand, there are a lot of simple free schematic editors on the internet. I have found it is better to use one of these tools to create a schematic, especially if you want to share it on the forum. LTSpice can be used for that purpose along with KiCad and other completely free tools that will make it easier to draw the schematic. I am not saying you cannot draw it by hand and post it, but if you do, you need to draw it very legible and accurate.
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