Calculate PMSM Motor Power

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Hello Experts,
Is there an accurate way to calculate the electrical motor power without using the applied torque on the Motor?
I am trying to find the efficiency of my inverter design, but for that I need to know the power consumed by the PMSM Motor.

Presently I am using this equation to find the motor power:
Torque = (Power * 9.549)/N, where N is the speed in RPM.

Is there any way I can find the power using the voltage and current readings measured at the voltage terminals?, One major issue here is that the Voltage(Line to Line) is not constant, its a pulsed waveform, mimicking a sine wave(FOC control output). And there is no neutral point(in a delta system).
Browsing through these forums I found this video to calculate power, but even here I am confused as to what value of voltage should I take?