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Hello, working in a university project, consisting of making a small rocket (more precisely the avionics) one of my jobs is to compute the capacity of the flash memory needed. As fas as I know we've to stock the sensors data in a Flash Memory spi. What they've told me is that I've to consider that the frequency is 100Hz during the ascent (that will last for 40s maximum) + 10Hz during the descent (that will last 400s maximum) + 1h30 that will be in stationary state, waiting for takeoff. Someone could guide me a little bit more? I've no idea of how I should proceed. Thanks


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So, 100 data-packets/sec for 40s = 4000, 10 data-packets/sec for 400s = 4000, and 1h30 = 5400s at x data-packets/s = 5400x
total = 8000 +5400x data-packets * size of a data-packet

You need to find out sample rate when stationary and size of data packet...

And then add 10% contingency...

And choose next standard size memory above that.