Buzzer after Timer-Turn Off after Oven Door Open

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Hi Everyone,

i am a newby to electronics and i want to excel more by asking experts in this forum. I want to create a external buzzer for my oven. Basically, it will alarm after the timer, then i want to turn off the buzzer by opening the door of the oven. Any suggestion for devices to use and recommended circuit if any? Thanks! :)


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Welcome to AAC.

What you want to do can be done with one of the ubiquitous timer modules available on Amazon or AliExpress, but we need more information before any recommendations can be made.

First, does the oven door have a limit switch on it (some way to sense opened or closed)? If not, that ould potentially become the hardest part of your project.

Second, what do you want to happen if the door is opened before the timer expires?

Third, what sort of interface do you want to set the timer?

There may be more questions as things progress but that‘s a good start.