Building sensitive microphone to record room noises

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I've had some very odd noises on a consistent yet random basis and I'd like to try to record them if possible. I'm not sure what kind of microphone I can use to do this and don't want to spend a lot of $$ for one to only use a couple times. I have a number of speakers from tweeters to mid's to woofers of all sizes. I have a number of microphones that come with computers and speakers that are used in laptops (3/4 - 1" diam) that might be able to be used as a microphone if that is possible.

Some of the noises sound like gun shots, glass breaking, change shaking in a can, coin tapping on counter. The strange thing is that they are all very muffled like hearing it through a pillow or foam or something. The sound isn't loud but it is very noticable and it always seems to be in the background or distant. It is very difficult to explain.

I'm willing to record 24/7 until I have a number of these on tape to prove that they are real (or not) and show some others what I'm hearing.

I would like to have it be omni-directional if possible or have 2 microphones to place in 2 locations at once - if that is possible.

Any microphone experts here that may be able to help?


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The sounds you describe are all impulsive, so have a fair high-frequency content and should be detectable with any cheapo electret mic (the most common type used in headsets and other consumer gadgets).


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I did not see your location in your personals, so I am assuming you live somewhere where it got cold all of a sudden. Buildings, especially of wood construction, make a lot of noise during climate change. My first guess would be the heating system. Wood, coal, gas have different sounds to them. Forced air, gravity fed air, hot water radiators or in floor heating all have their distinctive sounds (and smell). Roofs, at dawn and dusk, can almost "sing". Attach your mic to a heating duct or radiator or building structure to start isolating the source. E