Building protected motor circuit (crowbar,clamp,triac...etc)

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Hey! I'm working on a project for school and I simply lacking some understanding. I was hoping for community support to help work through ideas. Here's what I got so far:

The goal is to create a motor circuit that is protected from surges and other voltage spikes. I have the motor on the right side.
-Left side I have a crowbar that has potentiometer for regulation. I'm fairly confident in that (but please tell me if I shouldn't be...).
- After the crowbar I have a clamp (capacitor, diode, resistor). I'm not confident in this or if it is setup correctly.
- Passed the motor I have an optocoupler that will be attached to some sort of codewheel to track data. Still working on that.

I'm not too concerned with component values yet as I want to make sure the circuit layout is correct first and makes sense.
What I think happens: The crowbar/clamp protect the motor while it's running and while it runs I can keep track of RPM's with the optocoupler. I also want to track the temperature of the motor but I think that's just a easy thyristor hooked up the i/p and o/p of the motor.

What I'm looking for is community people to look it over and help me understand if this works the way I think it should or if I need to rewire parts. School has been difficult since the pandemic and I'm just looking for additional supports to better understand.

Much appreciated,