Building a full bridge inverter with a resonant network

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    The input into to FBI should 5v with a frequency of 130Kh and an expected load current of at least 7mA. I have tinkered with this simulation and it's just not working for me. Perhaps, I'm doing something wrong but I would really appreciate any help than can be offered.

    I proceeded with the experiment.
    For the actual experiment, I have 4 2n7000 n-channel mosfet, a 0.47uC that'd be in series to a 25ohms resistor with wattage capacity of 5W. I am using 5Vpp function generator that will produce 130Kh at a 50% duty cycle. I used an inverter from mosfet 1 for mos 3 input. Likewise for 2 and 4.

    Datasheet for 2n7000 transistor stated Vds = 0.4 if Vgs = 4.5V, 1d=75mA. I was not getting any voltage reading for this circuit. I'd appreciate the help in figuring this out.
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